Thursday, September 06, 2012 

About 9 months ago the mutilated body of Nicole Rose Scott was found in a ditch at the far East end of University Parkway off of I-75 on December 11th, 2011. University Prkwy and Bourneside Blvd Sarasota Fl is basically a dead end road with no lights or nearby neighbors, “a good place to dump a body“.  The killer or killers would have no problem in getting out of their vehicle and dumping the body near the trees and then a quick getaway out of the area. It appears the Nikki Scott could have been at one of a series of Motels in the 4900 block of North Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl on or about Friday December 9th, 2011. It also appears that Nikki Scott might have been in contact with Dexter V. Johnson and Rommel Mays in the months leading up to her murder.

As of September 1st, 2012 Rommel Mays, DOB 6/18/1954, was back in the Sarasota County Jail, this time on an undisposed Domestic Battery charge from May 2012.  Rommel Mays is a longtime drug dealer and pimp who worked the 4900 block of North Tamiami Trail Sarasota area near the Days’ Inn Motel. Rommel Mays laundry list of crimes committed in Sarasota County include, AGGRAVATED BATTERY, COCAINE POSSESS-WITH INTENT TO SELL MFG DELIVER ETC SCHEDULE II, COCAINE SELL-SCHEDULE II, and on and on it goes.

Rommel Mays, 58, did time in the Florida State Prison system in 1997 for COCAINE-SALE/MANUF/DELIV out of Sarasota County and he also did 2 years time in 1988 for COCAINE-SALE OR PURCHASE this time out of Hillsborough County. Rommel Mays is a old time street thug who preys on the young women of the North Trail Sarasota, he gets them hooked on drugs and then puts them out of the street for prostitution and/or to sell his drugs, Rommel Mays is a P.O.S., so is his pal Dexter Johnson.

Rommel Mays is now in the Sarasota County jail with an associate, another P.O.S. named Dexter Johnson who is also a longtime North Trail Sarasota Pimp and Drug Dealer.   Dexter Johnson is charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT: WITH WEAPON OR FORCE SEXUAL BATTERY VICTIM 12 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, he raped and sodomized a young girl and left her near dead beaten and stabbed body in the North Trail Water Tower Park, an area he is known to frequent.

Drug dealer, pimp and rapist Dexter Johnson operated his business out of a series of motels on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, see photo above. Newtown black thug Dexter V. Johnson, 51, had been at living at 2749 Leon Ave, SEE MAP in the heart of Newtown where he ran a car detail business.  Dexter V. Johnson has been arrested 43 times in Sarasota County Fl, see his list of 43 crimes, CLICK HERE. Dexter V. Johnson, DOB 4/11/1961, did time in the Florida State prison system on drug charges, Dexter V. Johnson is a cocaine dealer and a low life pimp.  Dexter V. Johnson is currently in the Sarasota County Jail awaiting trail on the rape charge, good place for him.

Someone named/called Nikki Scott-Avenger has a Facebook page where this person has posted articles and links to stories about the murder of Nicole Rose Scott, her friends called her Nikki.

Nikki Scott-Avenger has posted information about Rommel Mays, Dexter Johnson and two other known Sarasota North Trail drug dealers and pimps and appears to imply that some of them or possibly all of them have knowledge of or are implicated in the murder of Nicole Rose Scott, I have no knowledge of who this person is, but so far this person is right spot on!

Nikki Scott-Avenger Nikki Scott-Avenger writes: Nikki Scott was brutally beaten beyond recognition and her body…was dumped in a ditch. The news media referenced the finding of her body as “gruesome discovery”.

Dexter Johnson’s past convictions have included charges of burglary, battery, narcotics possession and dealing in stolen property. Mr. Johnson prostitutes women.

Rommel Mays’s past convictions have included charges of battery on numerous occasions, narcotics possession. Mr. Mays prostitutes women.

Prostituted women have long been considered “fair game” for sexual harassment, rape, gang-rape, “kinky” sex, robbery, and beatings….A study by the Council for Prostitution Alternatives, in Portland, Oregon, documented that 78 percent of 55 prostituted women reported being raped an average of 16 times annually by their pimps and 33 times a year by johns. Twelve rape complaints were made in the criminal justice system and neither pimps nor johns were ever convicted. These prostitutes also reported being “horribly beaten” by their pimps an average of 58 times a year. Legal action was pursued in 13 cases, resulting in 2 convictions for “aggravated assault.”

The 1990 Florida Supreme Court Gender Bias Report states that “prostitution is not a victimless crime… Prostitute rape is rarely reported, investigated, prosecuted or taken seriously….. NIKKI’S DEATH HAS BEEN TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com