Thursday, August 08, 2013

Al-Qaeda is the ‘Legion of Doom’ one reporter said.  Al-Qaeda Terror Plot May Involve The Use Of ‘Surgically Implanted Explosive Devices’ Targeting Airlines.  A Senior U.S. Official has told ABC News that intercepted Al Qaeda communications indicate planned attack ‘Big,’ ‘Strategically Significant’.  New York – Today almost two dozen U.S. embassies and consulates across North Africa and the Middle East are closed following a significant threat from an al-Qaeda affiliate, a senior U.S. official told ABC News Sunday.  The new information is providing details about the communications intercepted from the terrorists, telling ABC News that al-Qaeda operatives could be heard talking about an upcoming attack, see Al-Qaeda websites at  http://www.ansar1.info/ and at http://www.shamikh1.info/vb/

FOX NEWS:  Reports that top-level communications among Al Qaeda operatives prompted the  ongoing security alert affecting U.S. embassies around the world have raised  even more questions about the Obama administration’s repeated claims that Al  Qaeda is “on the run.”

The Daily Beast reported Wednesday  that sources said it was a massive conference call of more than 20 Al Qaeda  leaders that tipped off the U.S. to the alleged terror plot. In The Daily Beast  report, one intelligence officer reportedly described the communication of top  Al Qaeda leaders as “like a meeting of the Legion of Doom.”  .” One intelligence official said it was “far-fetched” to think that many  leaders would consider a conference call of that size secure — the official  speculated it was more likely the operatives were talking in some kind of chat  room.

But he said that if even one core Al Qaeda member was on it, “that shows that  even a decimated Al Qaeda core can still cause trouble for the U.S.”  “It shows that despite what we may have heard, that Al Qaeda core has  diminished … they’re very much alive and well,” Josh Rogin, who co-wrote the  article, told Fox News. “It’s a much more cohesive organizatin than we  previously realized.”

On Tuesday, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., while praising the administration’s  response to the threat, chastised its claims that Al Qaeda is  weakened. “I’m very critical of President Obama for trying to act as if Al Qaida has  been defeated, they’ve been decimated,” he told Fox News. “It’s only a pre-9/11  attitude we have. The fact is, Al Qaeda — yes, their central command has been  hit very hard, but they morphed and metastasized. They now have affiliates all  over.”
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