Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lunatic Fringe Pastor Terry Jones planed to burn 2,998 Korans on 9/11 putting the lives in danger of American Serviceman in every Muslim country of the world, what an jackass! “The last time Pastor Terry Jones burned a Koran, back in March of 2011, more than 16  people died and more than 90 people were injured from the resulting protests,” Pentagon spokesman Commander Bill Speaks told the U.K.’s Guardian. “We hope Pastor Jones will take  into account the safety and welfare of deployed U.S. military personnel before  engaging in such an activity again.”  Deport this jackass, Lunatic Fringe Pastor Terry Jones Has Moved His ‘Church’ to Bradenton Fl, Jones has an open arrest warrant in Egypt.

Bradenton Fl radical race baiter Pastor Terry Jones front company is the DOVE WORLD OUTREACH CENTER which is a registered Fictitious Name with the Florida Division of Corporations, the owner of the Fictitious name is the DOVE CHARISMATIC MINISTRIES INCORPORATED, which is kind of oxymoron as no one at Dove is actually very CHARISMATIC, get real.
“I plan on moving in to my Bradenton-area property over the next couple weeks,” said Dr. Jones in a phone interview with 10 News. Jones said he spent $325,000 on the property which is a downsize from his 20-acre Gainesville property where he lived for almost 30 years. He sold it recently for $1.2 million. Tampa Bay has been a destination spot for us for years because it’s so diverse and doesn’t have that ‘small town’ mentality,” Jones said. “We’ll be having our ministries there and and using the facilities on that property to promote Christianity. We’ll be doing television taping and Internet recordings.” Many of his neighbors though are unhappy with Dr. Jones moving next door. “I am disgusted,” said one neighbor who did not want to say her name on camera. “It’s not a peaceful situation, so I feel it will affect my comfort zone living out here,” said another neighbor who did not want to be named. “I’m not concerned personally, but I am concerned about some of the other residents who are worried,” said Jack Richardson.
Terry Jones with his gun in hand
Lunatic Fringe Pastor Terry Jones Has Moved His ‘Church’ to Bradenton Fl, Jones has set up shop in East Manatee County off State Road 64 right next to Lake Manatee State Park at 17202 Waterline Rd Bradenton Fl see map click here. Whack Job Pastor Terry Jones has an open arrest warrant and death sentence waiting for him in in Egypt. Manatee Sheriff needs to arrest Pastor Terry Jones on the open warrant and have him shipped to Egypt on con-air. I plan on doing surveillance and further investigation of this “Pastor Terry Jones” in the days leading up to the 9/11 Koran burning.
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