Thursday, September 05, 2013

EXPOSED: Several Students, Little Kids, Who Died at Dozier School for Boys in Marianna Fl Were Killed by Gunshot Wounds, Like George Owen Smith, But Official Cause of Death Was Not Listed as Homicide, What the Hell?  What kind of man would be a murdering, rapist pedophile reform school guard, these guards all came out of the Marianna Fl area to work at the Dozier School for Boys, were they KKK members, that would sure as hell would explain a lot.

I wonder how many skeletons are going to be dug up at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna Fl with bullet holes in the skulls?  Jackson County Officials, the Jackson County Attorney Frank Baker and others like self important Marianna mouthpiece Dale Cox have done everything in their power to stop the USF team led by Associate Professor Erin Kimmerle from digging up the long buried bodies of the little boys who were beaten, raped and murdered at the Dozier School for Boys.
Tampa’s Bay News 9 reported that the University of South Florida (USF) had concluded the first phase of it’s dig after exhuming bones from the property where the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys stood. The school opened in the 1900s and was the subject of abuse, torture, rape and murder allegations over the years.  USF won approval from Florida Gov. Rick Scott to unearth the graves located on the property’s Boot Hill Cemetery. Survivors believe that more children died in the 111 years the school was operational than reported by school staff.
Kimmerle showed numerous inconsistencies filed by Dozier with the state of Florida regarding children’s and teen’s death certificates. For example, several students who died at the school were killed by gunshot wounds, yet the official cause of death was not listed as homicide; as is customary according to Florida law. Kimmerle’s team will look for evidence of blunt force trauma on the bones recovered (bullet holes in skulls) as well as perform DNA testing to hopefully reunite the deceased with their loved ones.
In the summer of 1940, Ovell Smith’s 14-year old brother, George Owen Smith, was sent to the  Florida Industrial School for Boys aka Dozier School for Boys accused of wrecking a stolen car, (relatives claim he did not know how to drive a car). Shortly after arriving at the school, George Owen Smith tried to escape but was captured. In  a letter home to his family, George Owen Smith said upon his return that he “got what was  coming to him.” Despite the threat of further punishment, Owen escaped from the  school again in December 1940 with another boy. Only this time, Owen was never  seen alive again. On January 1, 1941 the school’s superintendent, Millard Davidson, sent  a letter to George Owen Smith’s parents. It read, “…so far, we have not been able to  get any information concerning his whereabouts.”  Owen’s mother replied to the school announcing intentions to travel to  Marianna in search of her son. As the family prepared to travel north, they  received further communique from the school. A telephone call alerting them that  Owen Smith’s body had been found underneath a home in a residential area, miles from school property, relatives claim that Dozier school guards shot George Owen Smith to death, see link http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/state/fdle-investigation-into-florida-school-for-boys-cemetery-is-over-but/1001505
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