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The only known serial killers (2) in the State of Florida in the last 30 years were Aileen Wuornos who killed 7 men (no women) in 1990 in Marion County, Pasco County, Citrus County, Dixie County and Volusia County. The other serial killer was Daniel Rolling who murdered five students in Gainesville Florida in 1990 and admitted committing a November 4, 1989, triple homicide in Shreveport, Louisiana. Serial Killers Wuornos and Rolling have no link to the serial killer working the I-4 corridor in Florida in the last 30 years as indicated by the FBI report. FBI Highway Serial Killings Map New Initiative on an Emerging Trend 2009: FBI claims a serial killer is working I-4 corridor in Florida from Daytona Beach to Orlando to Tampa Fl with over 29 unsolved murders of females with bodies left near the interstate. Dayton Beach police are working a series of unsolved murders of 4 women linked to prostitution and acknowledge that they have a serial killer, but the Sheriff Department in Orange County and the Sheriff Department in Polk County and the Sheriff Department in Hillsborough County have no active serial killer cases that they are working, none could explain where the FBI got its information, so Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Don’t you think the FBI should clue in local law enforcement? See FBI link to map https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2009/april/highwayserial_040609

Along Interstate Highways Signs Of Serial Killings By Long Haul Truckers in TN, IND, OH, VA, NC, SC, LA and KY where 100 bodies have been found.  Highway violence; In the past four decades, 459 deaths and 41 attempted homicides are believed to be linked to serial killers who are using the nation’s highways to find and dispose of their victims.

<P></P>MISSING: Carmen Purpura, 31, was last seen on July 11, 2007, at a truck stop in Indianapolis. A cab of a truck driver and suspected serial killer was “awash with blood” belonging to 10 different people, said a prosecutor who charged the man Thursday with murdering a missing woman. Carmen Purpura’s body, her photo above, has not been found, but the prosecutor said her blood soaked the seats in Bruce Mendenhall’s cab, and that so much of her blood was there she could not possibly be alive.

The FBI’s breakdown by state, click link to see interactive FBI Map :http://i.usatoday.net/_common/_flash/usmap.swf?strFileName=http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2010-10-05-1Ahighwaykiller05_CV_N.htm&fileurl=20101004-highway-killers/&preview=false

Source: FBI’s Highway Serial Killings initiative;  A passerby found the severed head on Feb. 10, wrapped in two plastic bags and stuffed inside a backpack in Barstow, Calif. Authorities still haven’t identified the victim or her killer, but the circumstances point in a particular direction. The teenage girl likely had been killed days earlier, Barstow police say. Her head lay a few hundred yards from a truck stop just off Interstate 15, not far from I-40. To authorities, the proximity to the truck stop and the interstates suggests that the slaying might have been the work of a distinctive type of criminal: a serial killer operating along the nation’s highways.  During the past four decades, at least 459 people may have died at the hands of highway serial killers, FBI statistics show. Investigators do not know how many people may be responsible for the killings but at least one such case — of murder, attempted murder or unidentified human remains — has been reported in 48 states, along roads as far north as Alaska and as far south as Key West. They believe the killers find their victims and dispose of the bodies along highways, sometimes near quiet roadside rest areas or at bustling truck stops.
April 20th, 2012….U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a Bunnell FL man accused of possessing child pornography of young females as he attempted to cross into Canada on Thursday morning, officials said. Agents acted on a warrant charging Merle Shamblin, 51, with 40 counts of child pornography, Flagler County sheriff’s spokeswoman Debra Johnson said. The truck driver was taken into custody in Alexandria Bay, N.Y., as he tried to cross the border into Canada to deliver the goods he was hauling.  Often the victims are abducted in one state and dumped in another. And the killers? Authorities say they have 200 suspects; almost all are long-haul truck drivers. To date, the FBI says it has helped local authorities arrest at least 10 suspects believed to be involved in more than 30 of the killings.

That still appears to leave hundreds of killings unsolved, and the cases continue to mount. Not every killing along the nation’s roadways is related, but since the FBI went public with the Highway Serial Killings initiative last year, local authorities have been sending information about unsolved slayings that fit the profile to FBI analysts. Their hope: that the analysts can offer leads or find connections to other killings that may have happened years ago or several states away. Some of the killings recently added to the Highway Serial Killings database date back several years. Others, such as the one in Barstow, are relatively new. “We seem to have one a week that comes in,” says Michael Harrigan, the special agent who oversaw the FBI’s effort for the past three years. “It could be a killing that’s 30 years old. It could be one that happened a week ago.” Whether the oldest and coldest cases can be solved, Harrigan is uncertain. But he’s hopeful. Harrigan and other law enforcement authorities believe serial killers still operate along some of the most well-traveled roads in the nation. “They’re out there,” he says.


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