Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 Brett Mattson, 25, of Bradenton, and Shirden Coe, 35, of California.
MANATEE COUNTY – Two men allegedly carrying more than 60 pounds of marijuana were met with a surprise at the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport: a drug-sniffing dog. Brett Mattson, 25, of Bradenton, and Shirden Coe, 35, of California, were arrested this weekend on drug trafficking charges. Among the checked luggage in the plane’s storage were two black suitcases and two blue suitcases carrying (Marijuana) something other than the clothes and toiletries of their flying companions.
The luggage was stuffed with books, said Dave Bristow, spokesman for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. And inside the books? Marijuana worth more than $250,000. Detectives were alerted on Sept. 15 that a man would be flying from California to the regional airport with narcotics. Bristow would not go into more detail about how that information was obtained.

George Jung, also known as Boston George, was one of the biggest marijuana and cocaine smugglers ever in the 1970’s. Jung became famous to the big public in 2001 after his life story was portrayed in the hit movie “Blow”, starring  Johnny Depp (photo above) as JungGeorge never completed his university studies. Instead, he and his childhood friend ”Tuna” decided to travel to Los Angeles, where a new world opened up for them. The beaches of California were a paradise, that these two New England guys had never seen before: sun, beach parties, sexy women and cheap marijuana everywhere.


One of George’s new friends was called Richard Barile, who ran a popular hair salon on Manhattan Beach. But apart from that, he was also one of the biggest marijuana dealers on the beaches of California. Barile knew the right people who could supply him with unlimited amounts of marijuana. George saw an opportunity and he convinced Richard Barile to go in business together. He realized the huge potential of smuggling the marijuana from California back to the East Coast, where prices were much higher. It sounded like a perfect plan. George asked a stewardess friend to smuggle the marijuana back to the East Coast in her suitcase. Drugs were not a big problem in the USA back then and security checks on airports were almost non existing, especially for airport personnel. The plan worked perfectly and the stewardess never got caught.

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