Saturday, October 12, 2013

Submitted on 2013/10/12 at 12:24 AM From Marianna’s Bo McMullian, who appears to work for the Jackson County Times Newspaper, he states:

Dozier reform school, which imprisoned with no fence little angels, had a history of harsh corporal punishment.  No case allegations with names of victims, the names of people who abused them, no proven cause of death, etc. No cases in the courts, because, naturally, ALL of FLORIDA and the US Justice Dept. in those days were corrupt and sided with the torturers and murderers.  Gee, too bad, huh? Wow, how CAN you go on with such little support, except of course for the former inmates, the ones who of course are incapable of lying , and the ones who stand to gain from any monetary settlements–even though there is a better chance of finding snowballs in hell.

Marianna’s Bo McMullian, who appears to work for the Jackson County Times Newspaper claims no link to KKK in Marianna and slams Tampa area:

There was, in fact, such a thing in the early part of the 20th century as a KKK.  It operated in the South.  You have no names, no dates, no crimes, no named victims, no actual police reports, yet because Marianna falls within the known KKK territory of that time, people who live in Marianna now should be what, …ashamed of the place and move out, I suppose? Move to maybe a “clean” place like Tampa, a place with NO crime or history of corruption.

Marianna’s Bo McMullian, who appears to work for the Jackson County Times Newspaper goes on to slander me and the White House boys who he claims are in it for the money:
   Hey Bill, hot shot urban investigator has-been, your posting here, “Marianna Burning” has been up quite a while, you still know, in your heart, yes, your wonderful, spotless heart and those of the Tampa Bay Times writers and editors, that all Marianna is GUILTY. Guilty of what–well, that doesn’t matter, damn it, they’re just.. guilty, that’s all. They should… pay the White House boys something, and…pay you something, for all your grief and trouble, making up all that smear material–that’s HARD WORK! Maybe you can sue me, call Judge Wade Mercer or Sheriff Lou Roberts, or Judge Bill Wright. Yeah, that’ll do it.  Well, good luck Bill, keep digging up those dogs and such, love Bo McMullian  bmcmgr@embarqmail.com .
   Bo McMullian wrote an article back in December 2009 for the Jackson County Times: “ Neither Landry nor anyone else claimed any possible closing was due to the reports of brutal, violent abuse meted out to boys who misbehaved at Dozier back in the 1950s and 1960s. Most importantly, there are no reports, from anyone, of any continuing abuse. The exhaustive St. Pete Times ‘expose’ cites only two cases since 1968, the last one being nearly 20 years ago. By that measure, Dozier might be considered one of the safer among correctional facilities.” LOL

     RE: Tampa Bay times writers and editors: see “For their own good: a St. Petersburg Times special report on child abuse at the Florida School for Boys” by Ben Montgomery
I must have struck a nerve at the Jackson County Times Newspaper in Marianna Fl and with Bo McMullian, from the list of “Meet Our Staff” at the Jackson County Times there is a Bo McMullian; http://www.jacksoncountytimes.net/index.php/contact/times-staff.
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