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Sunday October 20th, 2013

Larry Bumgarner in Sarasota Fl is making false claims that he was a client of private investigator Bill Warner. Larry Bumgarner in Sarasota Fl has never been a client of private investigator Bill Warner. Larry Bumgarner has never had any business dealings with private investigator Bill Warner or WBI Inc Private Detective Agency, nor have I have never met this goofball person Larry Bumgarner. Larry Bumgarner appears to have links to the Occupy Movement and claims that he once worked on Wall Street. Larry Bumgarner had a website set up in North Port Fl called WWW.THEANONYMOUSPARTY.COM which he was using for his run as a Candidate for President of the USA, the website appears to be shut down now. Mr. Bumgarner I’m not the kind of guy you want to post lies about on the interent.
Larry Bumgarner Supposed Presidential Candidate for The Anonymous Party,

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Larry Bumgarner uploaded and posted:

1). With the Patriot Act in the people’s hands it gives them the power to imprison people with no evidence and a provision of it says we can take everything they own. We could get rid of lawyers and balance the budget at the same time. We’ll put them in a FEMA camp near you so you can go look at them in their cages and toss them some peanuts.

2). We the people elect one guy one time to the White House and we the people have control of the Patriot Act, the FEMA camps and the Police State to use against and defeat the New World Order and our corrupt government. We’ll take all that power that they have created to use against us and then use it against them. see http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFEek7Ai-ihYqVg8EnGln8w

FBI needs to be aware of the very anti-government statements made by Larry Bumgarner on his youtube channel see http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFEek7Ai-ihYqVg8EnGln8w


Larry Bumgarner appears to have connections to WELL REGULATED AMERICAN MILITIAS. “Larry Bumgarner has established the Anonymous Party to seize control of the Patriot Act, the FEMA Camps and the Police State and use them against the New World Order”, LOL.  Larry Bumgarner states: “I will, as President, exercise the Patriot Act on any Congressman that opposes our agenda. They will then be put into a FEMA camp and have all of their assets seized. We will strike fear into THEM!..OMG what a nut job I would never work for or provide information to such a bizarre person as Larry Bumgarner.  Larry Bumgarner in Sarasota Fl is a liar and a fool to defame and slander me, more to come on Larry Bumgarner in Sarasota/North Port Fl. Contact PI Bill Warner at 941-926-1926 if you know where Larry Bumgarner is right now!

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com