Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sarasota Private Eye Kayla Sharrow is set to star in a new reality TV series that helps couples sort out their problems, the LA producers of the new reality series were very excited to sign Kayla Sharrow who is one of the youngest female private investigators in the State of Florida.

Sarasota Private Eye Kayla Sharrow is able to assume many different looks for her undercover work in the clubs or restaurants or beach bars. Kayla Sharrow PI Follow on Twitter @kayladetective

Sarasota PI Kayla Sharrow recently went undercover to see just what happens when a young and very pretty blonde female puts an ad on www.plentyoffish.com, following is her story and advice, she had over 700 requests for a date. “The agenda of a dating website is to connect to your ‘soul mate’ on a wider scale, and in a bigger faster way. Being single in the dating world is enough of a shark tank, and then you put yourself in a position to be judged on a wider scale, and in a bigger faster way. The first ten minutes of making my ‘profile’ on PLENTYOFFISH.COM or POF.COM, I had over seventy-five messages. What do you do with that? Where do you begin? What do you say? How do you know these men aren’t creeps, married, killers, or even stalkers?”

“And well, you don’t. The advice I give for women on a dating site is being careful! I’ve had men start off a conversation with private questions about certain body parts of mine. I never knew what I was going to get in each message that I clicked on to read exactly what I was going to get. I have gone on dates with a few men who turned out to be a little different in person than I had anticipated, even though I had talked to them for weeks. For a young female college student, I really had to be careful. You hear all the time about women going missing, and the cops have no leads, because she was talking to different people on a dating website. I knew that I had to be careful and protect myself, because at the end of the day you really don’t know whom you are meeting up with.”
“I never let my date pick me up; I always met them in a public place or at the restaurant. That way I could ensure that I wouldn’t get stuck in a place or situation that I couldn’t get out of. I always told someone where I was going and with whom, so if something happened someone knew where to start looking. I never left the house without my phone being completely charged, and I bought a can of pepper spray for my key chain. Small details can be a single woman’s life or death. You ultimately never know the intentions of a person you met on the Internet, and in a crazy world like this something could happen at any moment. I know I couldn’t control their actions, but I knew the actions I could take to help prevent me from being another statistic in a newspaper. All women should learn how to protect themselves in the dating world, and make better decisions before the date ever occurs to help prevent a bad situation. I definitely would not do it again. The stress and risks are too high to be able to enjoy what the dating website should be, instead of what it is.”
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