Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ho-Ho-Ho for Allah! Terry Lee Loewen, a Kansas man, who authorities say in the past made threats to engage in violent jihad against the U.S. was charged Friday for allegedly plotting to detonate a car bomb at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. Terry L. Loewen, 58, an aviation technician who FBI agents say was inspired by Usama bin Laden, spent months planning the attack just prior to Christmas and was intent on using his employee access card to drive the vehicle loaded with explosives to a terminal, Barry Grissom, the U.S. Attorney for the district of Kansas, said, citing the criminal complaint. Loewen planned on dying in the explosion as a martyr, Grissom said. The complaint says an undercover FBI employee told Loewen about a recent trip overseas and a meeting with members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen. This agent told Loewen that “brothers” were interested in his airport access, and asked if he’d be willing to plant “some type of device,” the complaint said, see here http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/i/msnbc/sections/news/Loewen_Complaint.pdf
Muslim terrorist Terry Lee Loewen stated; Brothers like Osama bin Laden and Anwar al Awlaki are a great inspiration to me, but I must be willing to give up everything (like they did) to truly feel like a obedient slave of Allah (swt). I have read Anwar Al-Awlaki’s 44 ways of Jihad, and like everything l’ve ever read of his, it’s very informative. I have downloaded tens of thousands of pages on the subject of martyrdom operations and implementation of Sharia law. Today I printed out something called the Al Qaeda Manual (or Manchester Manual).
As time goes on I care less and less about what other people think of me, or my views of lslam. I don’t understand how you can read the Qur’an and the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and not understand that jihad and the implementation of Sharia is absolutely demanded of all the Muslim Ummah. I feel so guilt-ridden sometimes for knowing what’s required of me but yet doing little or nothing to make it happen. I love my Muslim brothers and sisters, whether they agree with me or not, it’s just hard to deal with the denial that some of them appear to be going through. The one thing we are doing wrong is that all 1.5 billion of us don’t rise up against the rest of the world and tell THEM how it’s going to be. lnshallah, it will happen soon. One last thing I would like to make clear if I haven’t already – I believe the Muslim who is labeled “a radical fundamentalist” is closer to Allah (swt) than the ones labeled “moderates”. Just my opinion; if l’m off base, please set me straight
On October 25, 2013, Terry Lee Loewen met in person with FBI undercover whom he believed was a “brother” associated with AQAP in Yemen. During the meeting Loewen reiterated his desire to help FBI undercover with a mission to blow up a plane with numerous people on board. Loewen explained the access that he had to the airport and that he could not drive a vehicle onto the airport property until January 2014 when his badge was scheduled to be renewed. On November 8, 2013, Loewen again met in person with FBI undercover during this meeting Loewen indicated that he was interested in becoming a martyr (i.e. dying in the attack), but that he needed to make sure that there was a reason for him to be martyred.
Photo: Muslim Car bombing at Glasgow airport 6/30/2007. ln discussing the specifics of the operation, which included taking a vehicle-borne improvised explosivedevice (VBIED) to the terminal near a number of passenger planes, Loewen suggested that another individual could come in to the terminal with a suicide vest and detonate that to coincide with the VBIED outside. FBI undecover and Loewen discussed executing this plan just prior to Christmas which would cause the greatest impact physically and economically. Ho-Ho-Ho for Allah! They further decided that when discussing the airport and this mission they should use code words, and settled on the term “rental property.” Ho-Ho-Ho for Allah!

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