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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Alex Joseph Porter had run a scam business called “Terror Free Oll”  based in Omaha NE, “Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” both used PO box numbers in the same Post Office in Omaha NE. The goofball behind the ‘Terror-free’ oil scam is Alex Porter has had reincarnations as the CTO for the”Intelligence Summit“.

Muslims Against Sharia. Khalim Massoud and all assumed names.
info@reformislam Members of Muslims Against Sharia, et all.
PO Box 241732 Omaha, NE
Terror Free Oil
Alex Porter
Terror-Free Oil Initiative c/o Terror-Free Energy Coalition
P.O. Box 45118 Omaha, NE

CNN MONEY: John Felmy, chief economist for the American  Petroleum Institute, called the terror-free oil concept “absurd” because, for  example, “TFOI lists Amerada Hess (Charts) as a  company that doesn’t import from the Persian Gulf, but they may buy oil from Exxon Mobil (Charts) and then  sell it on the exchange market.” And the API’s John Bisney pointed out another problem, saying the initiative  is “an interesting concept but the economic reality means it can’t be terribly  effective because that oil will find other markets and oil that went to those  markets is displaced and goes to the U.S.”
Alex Porter See Internet scammer Alex J. Porter’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/alex.porter.1291?fref=browse_search .  Internet scammer Alex J. Porter’s Facebook ‘friends’ https://www.facebook.com/alex.porter.1291/friends are a who’s who list of ultra right wing media types such as Phyllis Chesler, Walid Phares, Frank Gaffney and Jamie Glazov.
Terror Free Oil’s claims were economic nonsense. It has been forced to admit that its suppliers do in fact buy oil originating in Middle East countries. As oil is a fungible commodity, TFO cannot do anything to reduce income to Middle East oil exporters, unless it reduces the total amount of oil consumed globally. It took only moments to discover that the TFO spokesman Joe Kaufman was the founder of a group called “Americans Against Hate,” whose main agenda appears to be support for the Israeli extremist right.
Terror Free Oil’s main product appears to be a relentless stream of statements claiming that mainstream American Muslim organizations are terrorist fronts, and labeling anyone who dares to criticise Israel a “radical Islamist” or supporter of terrorism. The whole “Terror Free Oil Initiative” and website appeared to be little more than a ploy to steer people towards Americans Against Hate, whose Coral Springs, Florida mailbox had served as the corporate address for both organizations.
“Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” both appear to have been fronts for the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California, both websites for “Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” solicited donations to be sent to P.O. Box 55089 Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964 for the ultra right wing David Horowitz Freedom Center.
article photo
The David Horowitz Freedom Center in California is an ultra right wing organization that solicits donations from a variety of websites, Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch” is one, to support Conservative political candidates around the nation. There is a grass roots campaign run out of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California that uses an extensive array of direct mail companies to contact like minded individuals around the USA seeking donations to help elect conservative candidates.

This dirtbag Alex J. Porter last known address was  Aventura, Florida which is located in Miami Dade. Alex J. Porter also has relatives living in the Bradenton Fl area, see you real soon Alex, you would be surprised to know how much you can learn about a person with their actual date of birth, their SSN, their Florida drivers license number and their Florida motor vehicle registration information.

FROM Broward County Clerk public records;

1). CATALINA BEDOYA vs ALEX J. PORTER 13-2006-DR-009356-0000-04 Family Court Judgment 3/20/2006

2). Style:State of Florida Vs. Porter, Alex J.

Party Type

Party Name




Porter, Alex J Male White 07/09/1976

State of Florida

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