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Friday, February 28, 2014 

NY Daily News Feb 28th, 2014, Mob Rat John Alite, who squealed on ex-mob boss John A. (Junior) Gotti, tells ’60 Minutes  Sports’ in a Wednesday night March 5th interview that state-sanctioned sports betting will help the Garden State of New Jersey. The former Gambino family associate — in an interview for “60 Minutes Sports”  — encouraged Gov. Chris Christie to double down on his longshot bid for Garden  State sports betting. “I think they should,” said the confessed mob killer-star informant. “If that  can help people in the community for their taxes . . . why not? Gambling is  going on anyway.”

Mob Rat John Alite is a dead man walking, someday, somehow and somewhere Mob Boss John Gotti Jr will see to that. John Alite acknowledged participation in armed home invasions and armed robberies in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, the government said.  According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Alite has acknowledged his role as a top associate in the crime family and specifically admitted to participating in the murder of George Grosso on Dec. 20, 1998, and in the murder of Bruce John Gotterup on Nov. 20, 1991. Prosecutors said Alite also admitted to participating in four murder conspiracies, including conspiracy in 1990 to kill Louis DiBono.  All three New York-related murder charges were included in a Tampa indictment handed up against Junior Gotti earlier on August 6th, 2008. John A. “Junior” Gotti had been indicted on conspiracy charges in Tampa Florida, linking him to large-scale cocaine trafficking and the slayings of three New York men in the late 1980s and early 1990s, federal officials said. Federal prosecutor Robert O’Neill announced the indictment of the 44-year-old Junior Gotti and five other men at a news conference. He said the indictment showed that the men were “trying to gain a foothold” in the Tampa area (via John Alite).

See my prior post, Tuesday, August 05, 2008 one day prior to the news of the Junior Gotti Tampa indictment, ATTENTION TAMPA NIGHT CLUBBERS, YOU WERE GIVING YOUR CAR KEYS (AND HOUSE KEYS) TO THE MOB !  Co-owner of Prestige Valet in Tampa, John Alite aka Johnny Alletto (photo above), was the “wiseguy” who acted as the go between the New York Gotti Mob family and the Tampa Gotti underworld, this guy may have been in your car and had access to all of your keys, your name and home address info from the car registration, that is always in the glove box or visor. The former alleged boss of the Tampa Gotti Mob enterprise, John E. Alite, is awaiting trial in Tampa after being captured and extradited from Brazil.
In the mid 1990s, John Alite aka Johnny Alletto became involved in a valet company called A&A of Tampa, which later changed its name to Prestige Valet. Prestige had contracts with St. Joseph’s Hospital and the shops in Channelside, according to court documents. The company also parked cars at restaurants and nude clubs. Valet parking offers other advantages to the Mafia. The business provides legitimate jobs for mob associates, especially those on probation or who have to stay out of trouble for a while. And some crime rings duplicate keys and later steal the cars or break into homes.

On Sunday afternoon August 24th, 2008, I (private investigator Bill Warner) was having a pool party at my house watching the pre-season football game between the Giants and the Jets with friends when I got a phone call from a woman who needed an emergency photo taken of her “husband” cheating on her at Lido Beach in Sarasota Fl, she claimed she had followed the husband from St Pete to Lido Beach FL where he met another woman.  The woman caller went on to claim that she would pay me $300 cash if I would just come over to Lido Beach and get a photo of her husband with this “other woman,” I told her this was short notice and I could not make it.
The woman called back in 15 minutes (cell phone – 727 area code Clearwater) and claimed she would pay me $500 cash to please come over and meet her in the Lido Beach parking lot and get a photo of her husband with this “woman”, at this point I started questioning the female caller about why didn’t she take the photo herself and if she was at the beach and saw her husband with another woman why did she not just confront him?
The woman caller realized that I knew ”it was a set up to get me to come over to the Lido Beach” parking lot and her tone of voice changed dramatically as she said “some day you will pay for writing the story about Johnny alite and his valet business” and hung up. It appears some of John Alite aka Johnny Alletto‘s goons were at Lido Beach waiting for me.   John Alite aka Johnny Alletto became involved in a valet company called A&A of Tampa, which later changed its name to Prestige Valet in Tampa Fl.
 Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Subject Charge Report John Alite

Name Docket No. Booking Date Arresting Agency
ALITE, JOHN E 1304207 5/19/2008 4:25:36 PM N/A
Address City State Zip Code
Race Sex DOB Place of Birth Arrest Age
WHITE MALE 9/30/1962 NY 45
Eyes Hair Complexion Height Weight
XXX XXX MED 508 180
Scars, Marks & Tattoos
Cell Location/Status Commissary Account Balance SPIN Booking Type

John Alite aka Johnny Alletto was booked into the Pinalleas County Jail 14400 49th Street North Clearwater, FL on May 19th, 2008 at 4:25 PM. On August 05, 2008 I published an expose on John Alite’s activity in Tampa, ATTENTION TAMPA NIGHT CLUBBERS, YOU WERE GIVING YOUR CAR KEYS (AND HOUSE KEYS) TO THE MOB !  Co-owner of Prestige Valet in Tampa, John Alite aka Johnny Alletto (photo above). John Alite was released to the Federal Marshalls on Friday August 15th, 2008 at 2:12 PM in the Clearwater area, 9 days later on Sunday afternoon August 24th, 2008 his pals were calling me! FYI John Alite aka Johnny Alletto and pals I always ‘go heavy with a 9mm’.

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