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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Just how dumb is Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box, the same Sheriff Jeff Box who had all the ‘JUSTICE for KAREN’ signs taken down that pertain to the unsolved Karen Swift murder that happened on his watch and which he has been unable to solve. Sure is a strange way to call attention to himself with re-election coming up, maybe it is time for a new ‘Sheriff in Town’. Oh by the way, Jenna Scott wants her signs back.

Email Sent to Dyer County DA and Dyer County TN Sheriff Jeff Box Today, Return the ‘JUSTICE for KAREN’ Swift Signs ASAP! see Jenna Scott’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/geraldjenna.scott?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab

6 Signs Made Up For Karen Swift ‘JUSTICE for KAREN’ Taken Down Today as Soon As They Went Up In Dyersburg TN by the Sheriff Dept, Why? Just a few days ago Sheriff Jeff Box had his deputies take down all the JUSTICE for KAREN signs that were put up around Dyersburg, Sheriff Jeff Box claimed the signs were ‘political’, the unsolved murder of Karen Swift happened on your watch Sheriff Box and the signs are ‘political’? Sheriff Box said one of the signs was placed next to a trailer related to his campaign on private property on St. John Avenue, and said the person who placed the sign there did not have permission to do so. “With no coordination with the DA or the sheriff’s office the signs were put up as a direct political attack,” said Box. “It looked like a direct political attack by putting (the sign) against my election sign and we won’t let a murder case be used for political gain. That’s what it looked like.” (HUH???).

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