WWSB ABC-7 Sarasota Fl. Is spring break ruining Siesta Key Beach? Siesta Key Beach is among the top beaches in the country. It’s known for its beautiful scenery and family-friendly atmosphere. But all that is beginning to change. Some say Siesta Key’s transition from a family-friendly environment to a spring break attraction has reached an all-time high, with those who frequent the area saying it’s now impossible to not notice the difference. “This spring break crowd is going out of control. At night there are hundreds of teenagers around the beach…it’s like Girls Gone Wild,” says Beverly O’Rourke. Many say last Friday’s situation was example of things getting out of hand. According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office more than 500 young people were gathered in at public beach area, and several fights broke out.

Panama City Beaches have become a haven for drunks, dope heads and bad behavior. Public drunkenness, pot smokers, vulgar language, screaming, throwing objects from balconies, urinating in elevators as well as on the beaches are commonplace. “The emergency personnel in Bay County have just been able to pull off a miracle because of the volume of activity.” The county and city dispatch non-emergency and 911 calls totaled 31,000 in 2013 with 2014 heading for a new record. There were some 3,500 arrests in 2013 and the totals in 2014 will not be any better. Those statistics should be a red flag to the Panama City Beach Tourist Development Council that something just isn’t right with the plan. It should make one ask who brings these “rowdy, unethical, immoral clientele to Panama City Beach.” And just who are the benefactors?


SIESTA KEY Fl — A man was arrested after authorities say he shined a laser at a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office helicopter flying over Siesta Beach on Friday night 4/4/2014. The helicopter was called into assist Sarasota deputies who were breaking up several fights that had broken out among a group of more than 500 people, many of them juveniles, partying on the beach around 11:45 p.m., according to a media release. The helicopter was using an infrared camera to monitor the activity when one of the people in the crowd began shining a green laser light onto the chopper and into its cockpit, the release states. Deputies operating the helicopter were able to direct deputies on the ground of the suspect, identified as 20-year-old Castaneda Aroldo. Aroldo was arrested and charged with one felony count of misuse of laser lighting devices.

VIDEO: Fox News sent Ainsley Earhardt down to Panama City to find out what really happens when college kids let off some steam for spring break. What she was saw shocking. Sex on the beach, rampant drug use and more.

ISLA VISTA, Calif. – About 100 people were arrested and at least 44 people were taken to the hospital during a weekend college party in Southern California that devolved into a rock- and bottle-throwing melee. The violence broke out in the densely populated beachside community of Isla Vista around 9:30 p.m. Saturday during the annual spring break party known as Deltopia, held near the University of California, Santa Barbara and attended by 15,000 people, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kelly Hoover said things escalated after a campus police officer was hit in the face with a backpack filled with large bottles of alcohol.

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