Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ABC 7 News Sarasota Fl, Sovereign Citizens number in the “hundreds” on the Suncoast.Anyone who thinks the Suncoast is immune to the actions of sovereign citizens is being naive.” Those are the words of Bill Warner, a Sarasota private detective whose been aware of the Sovereign Citizen movement for years. “It’s people with a mindset that the government is against its own citizens,” Warner explained. Warner is sad the movement has spilled over into violence twice in the past week, both with a courthouse incident last Friday in Atlanta where Dennis Marx shot a deputy before being shot and killed himself. And then the Sunday shooting of two officers and a Walmart shopper in Las Vegas. He says make no mistake, this is domestic terrorism. “Absolutely, it’s organized through the internet, and Facebook, and that’s how they get bigger an bigger, Warner said. How big? The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates the Sovereign Citizens movement is up to 300,000 people, and Warner says that should break down to several hundred along the Suncoast. See complete story with video at http://www.mysuncoast.com/news/local/sovereign-citizens-number-in-the-hundreds-on-the-suncoast/article_4837830a-f112-11e3-adbe-0017a43b2370.html#.U6B1vb9EZKQ.facebook