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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

PUBLIC NOTICE: First sent…Monday September 2nd, 2013
Bill Warner private detective
2100 Constitution Blvd  Suite 125
Sarasota Fl 34231    ph 941-926-1926
TO: Customer Service Youfit Sarasota –
Tuttle Ave – Club# 7384
3840 S Tuttle Ave, Sarasota, FL, 34239
RE: “Youfit Health Clubs make it real easy to stay healthy and happy. No pressure, no obligation. Clean clubs with convenient locations. Only $10 per month.”
A young female member of my company was coerced into signing up for a ridiculous “lifetime” membership to the Youfit Health club at 3840 S. Tuttle Ave Sarasota Fl in April of 2013 at $21.39 a month using one of my corporate credit cards, she has since moved back to Northwest Fl, where there are no Youfit Health Clubs within 200 miles, in September of 2013. I have been told that I can not cancel the “lifetime” membership to the Youfit Health club without paying $100 plus any unused months for the current year, an additional $347.63 for a total of $447.83, these charges would be put on my company credit card that you have on file and have been charging every month, this is outrageous as no one has used your facility since September of 2013.
In addition to the high pressure sale of the “lifetime” membership to the Youfit gym at 3840 S. Tuttle Ave, one of your male personal trainers tried to high pressure the young female member of my company into an add-on sale of about $700 for “him” to personally train her. This Youfit personal trainer also made advances to the young female member of my company and pushed her to “date” him, multiple emails and text messages followed from him to her, I have copies. I demand payment of $213.90 plus the $65.00 yearly membership fee for a total of $278.90 for the billing of the last 10 months that you refused to cancel.
  • YouFit’s marketing campaign touts “month to month” and “no contract” memberships starting at just “$10 a month.” When a young female member of my company signed up, she was NEVER told she was locking into a ‘lifetime’ contract. Her understanding, (based on EVERY AD THAT YOU RUN) was that this would be a commitment free membership that she could cancel any time, at no charge!

I warned your company 10 months ago that unless the monthly billing stops and any and all additional charges are canceled out I will go public with all the information I have about your operation and the actions of your personal trainer, you have ignored all Emails, text message, letters and posts to your facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/YoufitSarasotaTuttle

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com