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Sunday, July 20, 2014 

SPLC Summer 2014: “The Godfather David Horowitz“, David Joel Horowitz was born on Jan. 10, 1939, in Forest Hills, N.Y., a neighborhood in Queens, to parents who were both schoolteachers and members of the Communist Party USA. In the last decade, Horowitz has become a respected elder of a growing movement of hawkish neoconservatives, conspiracy theorists and former federal officials united in their twisted fears that Islam is on the march — a movement he describes in Orwellian terms as a “counterjihad.” Through his David Horowitz Freedom Center, a wealthy nonprofit based in Sherman Oaks, Calif., he has financed leading Islamophobes driving public opinion and attacked universities as leftist “indoctrination” programs. He leads several conservative publications, all dedicated to tenaciously defending Israel and viciously attacking Islam as a religion of “hate, violence and racism.” see http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2014/summer/The-Godfather

 David Horowitz works closely with a circle of Islamaphobes that includes Daniel Pipes and Pamela Geller. Virulent Muslim-basher Robert Spencer, director of the website Jihad Watch, is on his nonprofit’s payroll, and Horowitz’s online FrontPage Magazine publishes the work of Daniel Greenfield and Daniel Pipes, both of whom add to right-wing fears that Muslims are infiltrating the West. Given his annual salary of more than $540,000, according to federal tax filings from 2013, Horowitz has not avoided charges of political opportunism. “He hires the Luca Brasis of the anti-Islam movement,” comparing Robert Spencer to Mario Puzo’s famed hitman from The Godfather. “He subsidizes. He gives them a platform. Horowitz also works closely with other “Luca Brasis” like Pamela Geller, collecting money for her anti-Muslim hate group, Stop Islamization of America. see http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2014/summer/The-Godfather

The David Horowitz Freedom Center collects hundreds of thousands of dollars through it’s websites and blogs as highlighted by the relationship between David Horowitz’s Los Angeles-based nonprofit Jihad Watch — the website run by Robert Spencer “dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology play in the modern world” — and Joyce Chernick, the wife of a wealthy California tech company founder. Though it was not listed on the public tax reports filed by Horowitz’s Freedom Center, POLITICO has confirmed that the lion’s share of the $920,000 it provided to Jihad Watch from 2007 to 2010 came from Chernick, whose husband, Aubrey Chernick, has a net worth of $750 million, as a result of his 2004 sale to IBM of a software company he created, and a security consulting firm he now owns.


David Horowitz said Robert Spencer is “part of our small but evidently effective family.” The Freedom Center had a budget of $4.5 million in 2010, according to its tax filings, of which $290,000 came from the conservative Bradley Foundation, which also gave $75,000 to the Center for Security Policy last year. David Horowitz has received an average of $461,000 a year in salary and benefits over the last 6 years, while Robert Spencer has pulled in an average of $140,000, according to the center’s IRS filings. But, David Horowitz said, “Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Pam Geller — we don’t do this for the money — we do this because we believe in it,” Ha, Ha, yeah all the way to the bank with your money, suckers, see http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0910/41767_Page4.html

David Horowitz set up and financed the Cop Killing “black Panthers” in the 1970’s, they killed cops, ran prostitution and sold drugs from the money he filtered to them http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/horowitz121499.asp . OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 25 1989, Huey P. Newton (Cop Killer) came to prominence in the late 1960’s as co-founder and defense minister of the Black Panther Party, which advocated that ”blacks ought to defend themselves with arms when attacked by police,” in his words, until a ”democratic socialist society free of racism” could be achieved. He was convicted of manslaughter in 1968 for the killing of a Oakland policeman, but was later released after a successful appeal and two retrials.

David Horowitz had created a school for the children of the Black Panther Party for which to embezzle millions of dollars in California education funds. David Horowitz had set up the Educational Opportunities Corporation for the Black Panthers. Per David Horowitz…In the Sixties, I had kept my distance from the black Panther Party because I was frightened by their gun-toting style and hectoring posture. As the Seventies began, however, Huey Newton announced that it was time to put away the gun, and I became involved with the school project I have already mentioned. At first, I had intended just to raise the money for the school, but when Marty Kenner withdrew unexpectedly (he told me he was burned out), I, David Horowitz, was left with the task of organizing the school myself. It was as a result of this responsibility that I recruited Betty Van Patter to keep its books. I had recruited Betty to keep the books of the Educational Opportunities Corporation, an entity I had created to run a school for the children of the Black Panther Party. By the time the police fished her battered body out of San Francisco Bay, I knew that she had been killed by the Black Panthers themselves, she had been gang raped and stomped to death.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is a conservative foundation founded in 1988 by political activist David Horowitz and his long-time partner and collaborator Peter Collier. It was established with funding from groups including the Olin Foundation, the Bradley Foundation and the Sarah Scaife Foundation. It runs several websites and blogs, including FrontPage Magazine, Students for Academic Freedom, Muslims Against Sharia (shut-down), Jihad Watch (Robert Spencer) and Terror Free Oil (shut-down). The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the David Horowitz Freedom Center as a far-right radical organization.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center has set up several websites and blogs to attack me (PI Bill Warner), such as “Muslims Against Sharia” for exposing them for what they really are, I in turn filed a Lawsuit against them. At least one of these blogs is stil active calling me the “worst private investigator in Florida”, well Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Spencer and Ms. Geller, I have just scratcehd the surface on all the dirt I will dig up on you:
David Horowitz Freedom Center
P.O. Box 55089
Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964
SEE- http://web.archive.org/web/20100413161510/http://www.reformislam.org/support

“Muslims Against Sharia” website http://www.reformislam.org/ has been shut down!

From informaton obtained from a Federal Subpoena served on Enter.net inc it has been revealed that the owner of the http://www.reformislam.org/ website that used the phony name of “Muslims Against Sharia” with a phony president listed as Khalim Massoud is actually American Starlex Inc run by a Alex Dobin out of Omaha NE, see above verification from Enter.Net web hosting company. There are no “Muslims” at “Muslims Against Sharia”. The fraudulent Muslims Against Sharia website, www.reformislam.com, has been terminated, see link http://www.reformislam.org/. The website hosting company EnterNet has discontinued service TO the phony Muslims Against Sharia website, reformislam.com which had been paid up to date until 8/29/2012 after numerous complaints by Bill Warner. Alex Porter had run a scam busines called “Terror Free Oll” based in Omaha NE, “Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” both used PO box numbers in the same Post Office in Omaha NE.
TO: Muslims Against Sharia (not a Nebraska Corporation).
Khalim Massoud and all assumed names.
Members of Muslims Against Sharia, et all.
PO Box 241732
Omaha, NE
TO: Terror Free Oil
Alex Porter
Terror-Free Oil Initiative (a Nebraska Corporation)
c/o Terror-Free Energy Coalition
P.O. Box 45118
Omaha, NE
“Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” both appear to have been fronts for the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California, both websites for “Muslims Against Sharia” and “Terror Free Oil” solicted donations to be sent to P.O. Box 55089 Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964 for the ultra right wing David Horowitz Freedom Center. The David Horowitz Freedom Center in California is an ultra right wing organization that solicts donations from a variety of websites, Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch” is one, to support conservitive political candidates around the nation. There is a grass roots campaign run out of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California that uses an extensive array of direct mail compaigns to contact like minded individuals around the USA seeking donations to help elect conservative candidates. This is all very political.
The goofball behind the ‘Terror-free’ oil scam was Alex Porter who has had reincarnations as the CTO for the”Intelligence Summit“.  Alex Porter the so called CTO of the Intellignece Summit and the spokesperson for the ‘Terror-free’ oil scam is living in the Aventura FL area. Alex Porter of the “Terror-Free” oil scam had requested donations to support Terror Free Oil to be snet to Terror-Free Oil Initiative P.O. Box 45118. Omaha, NE 68145-0118. The website http://www.terrorfreeoil.com/ for the ‘Terror-free’ oil scam appears to have been shut down and when you click on the link above you are directed to the web hosting company ENTER.NET

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