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Monday, August 18, 2014

FBI most wanted and Sarasota Scammer Neil Husani has been located in Zarqa Jordan working under an assumed name with a similar sounding first and last name just spelled differently. Neil Husani has been on the run from FBI since 2006 and Jordan Cops since late 2009. Neil Mohammad Husani, the Sarasota real estate investor, ran off to Amman, Jordan, after allegedly masterminding one of the largest mortgage fraud schemes in Florida history. According to a 44-page indictment, between May 2004 and June 2006, Neil Mohamed Husani defrauded Orion Bank, Mercantile Bank, Bank Atlantic, Coast Bank, Fifth/Third Bank, Wachovia Bank and First State Bank all in Sarasota Fl out of $82.8 Million in Cash!

The Az Zarqa Free Zone lies 45 miles northeast of Amman Jordan, along a route which connects Jordan with neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq. It covers 6 million square miles and houses about 65 licensed industrial companies and more than 175 warehouses.
RE: Neil Mohamed Husani aka Nael Al Husseini, DOB 11/20/1970. There is a attorney in Amman Jordan who wanted to get Husani out of the country and they were willing to kidnap him and drop him off at the US Embassy. Neil Husani was doing “his thing” in Amman ripping off even more business people, this attorney sent me a copy of his passport, Neil Mohamed Husani is now using the name Nael Al Husseini see below:
Dear Mr.Warner
My name is Mohammad XXXXXXX, I am an attorney based in Amman-Jordan, I read about the private investigation about Neil Husani, also I knew that he still wanted from the FBI. I wonder if there is a reward for arresting him, and the possible place to deliver him to the FBI either inside the US or any possible country. My duty is to secure my clients from this guy as soon as possible. and i have my own ways, if you or anybody from the US government would like to check if i am saying the truth they can come to Jordan and i will let them meet him face to face. with regard the method of delivering him it will be our job ,but i need to know the nearest place we can deliver him instead of the US, like the American embassy in Amman or Iraq for example if possible . this guy also owns shares in several companies in the estate (Jordon). Neil Husani is now Nael Al Husseini.

The ‘REPUBLICA BOLIVARIANA DE VENEZUELA” passport, that I have seen of Neil Husani aka Nail Husani, lists a DOB of 11/20/1970 in Valencia Venezuela, South America. So what happened to all the cash Neil Husani supposedly bilked out of Sarasota banks before he fled in 2006 , why is he a working guy today? Neil Husani aka Nail Husani and also Neil Hussani is currently running several international companies in the Zarqua Free Trade Zone a town near Amman Jordan, it appears he speaks fluent Arabic. Neil Husani aka Nail Hussani and also Neil Hussani obtained a duplicate Venezula passport at the Embassy in Amman Jordan in February 2008, the passport photo shows Neil Hasani wearing glasses, wonder who he knows in the Venezula Embassy, the FBI was looking for Husanin in 2008. On one of the first Neil Mohamed Husani arrest records on 12/10/1990 in Manatee County FL, he was correctly listed as Nail Mohamed Husani DOB 11/20/1970, this is a match for his 2008 Venezula passport. Neil Mohamed Husani is now using the name Nael Al Husseini and appears to have set up several companies in April 2008 in the Zarqa Free Trade Zone, Jordan.

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com