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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Attorney Mark Krumbein Says Katelyn Markham’s Murder is Work of a Serial Killer. 5 Young Females Missing or Murdered Cincinnati OH area:
1). Katelyn Markham Fairfield, OH (north of Cincinnati OH)
2). Mindy Ingram Cincinnati, OH
3). Paige Johnson Covington, KY (south of Cincinnati OH)
4). Misty Gwinner Florence, KY (south of Cincinnati OH)

5). Alana Gwinner Fairfield OH (north of Cincinnati OH)
FAIRFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) – An anonymous donor has offered up $25,000 to help find Katelyn Markham’s killer, bringing the total amount of reward money in the case to $70,000. At 22-years-old, Markham was reported missing in August of 2011, last seen at her Fairfield home. In 2013, her skeletal remains were found in Cedar Grove, Indiana by people looking for scrap metal along a creek. Also in 2013, her death was ruled a homicide, though authorities are still unsure how she was killed.

Last April, Indiana State Police said they believed the discovery of more bones belonging to Markham in the same area along Big Cedar Road in Cedar Grove where bones were first found in 2013. “It’s hard to deal with just waiting and waiting. I believe someday the answers will happen,” said Katelyn’s father, David Markham. Those answers are hard to find right now with no named suspects and no new leads. But, there is a new development in the case. “I started crying right away. It’s an awesome feeling that there’s people willing to do this,” Markham said on Monday.


Multiple young attractive white females have been kidnapped and murdered and cops have no clues, no suspects the girls just vanished without a trace, where are the FBI profilers, get real here, none of these young women went willingly. Attorney Krumbein Says Katelyn Markham’s Murder is Work of a Serial Killer and Possible Links to Other Missing Young Females From Cincinnati Area. 5 Young Females Missing or Murdered Cincinnati OH area. CEDAR GROVE, IN (FOX19) – As investigators look for evidence among the remains of Katelyn Markham, one experienced criminal defense attorney has a theory about what happened to the Fairfield woman. Markham’s remains were discovered in April of 2013 along a creek near Cedar Grove, Indiana. Markham had been missing since August of 2011, where she was last seen by her fiance at their Fairfield Ohio home. She became the subject of an intensive search effort by police, firefighters and volunteers.

Attorney Mark Krumbein has years of experience defending murderers, kidnappers and even one man suspected of being a serial killer. Krumbein says the circumstances surrounding the murder of Katelyn Markham and other young women bear some striking similarities. “In Indiana, maybe 75 miles away at Bloomington, Laura Spierer disappeared from the planet on June 3rd, 2011,” explains Krumbein. Spierer’s disappearance preceded the disappearance of Markham by only two months. Spierer’s body has never been found. In December of 1997, 23-year-old Alana ‘Laney’ Gwinner vanished from a Fairfield bowling alley. Months later, her body was found in the Ohio River. Krumbein says the fact that Markham’s body was dumped in another state fits the profile of a serial killer who hoped to throw off investigators.

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