Thursday, April 23, 2015

Al-Qaeda Adam Gadahn Killed.

LA TIMES Adam Gadahn: The California suburban terrorist was killed by U.S. Adam Gadahn was the grandson of a Jewish doctor. He was raised on a ranch in Riverside County and later lived in Orange County, where he found his way to the Islamic Center of Orange County. There, he became increasingly radical in his beliefs, acquaintances and officials would later say, falling under the influence of two radical Muslims, Khalil Deek and Hisham Diab.

He became so angry and outspoken that he was eventually kicked out of the center. Then in 2004, Gadahn emerged on television, making threats against the United States in a suspected Al Qaeda videotape. That year, the U.S. identified him as being linked to Al Qaeda and a potential threat in the United States. A decadelong manhunt for Gadahn ended in January when he was killed during the U.S. counter-terrorism operation announced by President Obama announced on Thursday that also accidentally killed two innocent hostages.

All of the members of Al-Qaeda’s ‘Geek Squad’ have now been terminated. TOLD YOU SO……EXCLUSIVE: DEAD MAN WALKING Was U.S. Citizen Adam Gadahn Who Is Targeted for Drone Strike in Pakistan Due to His Internet Presence as Al-Qaeda’s Chief Propagandist SEE https://pibillwarner.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/exclusive-dead-man-walking-is-u-s-citizen-adam-gadahn-who-is-targeted-for-drone-strike-in-pakistan-due-to-his-internet-presence-as-al-qaedas-chief-propagandist/

The As-Sahab Foundation for Islamic Media Publication, is the media production house of Al-Qaeda and run by Adam Gadahn, used to relay the organization’s views to the world. As-Sahab “produces documentary-quality films, iPod files and cellphone video.” In 2007, it released 97 original videos, a sixfold increase from 2005. As-Sahab’s first production was believed to have been in 2001 with the involvement of Adam Yahiye Gadahn. U.S. and British intelligence officials believe it to be run by former Orange County California resident Adam Gadahn, who left America to join Al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

The first time the Obama administration carried out a targeted killing operation against an American citizen was in September 2011, when a C.I.A. drone killed the radical preacher Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan in Yemen; officials said little publicly about the operation. The White House acknowledged last year that four American citizens had been killed in drone strikes during Mr. Obama’s time in office. According to the White House, only Mr. Awlaki had been intentionally targeted. US Citizen Samir Khan was killed along with Anwar al-Awlaki by a CIA-DOD hell fire missle in Yemen, up next US Citizen and Al-Qaeda mouth piece Adam Gadahn.
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