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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Far left liberal Sarasota Herald Tribune does it’s best to derail Joe Gruters as he hitches his wagon to the Donald Trump presidential campaign. Herald Tribune reporter Zac Anderson, as expected, repeatedly brings up Donald Trumps quote that the “U.S. temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the country” and even suggests that Gruters should resign from his seat on the FSU Board of Trustees for Trumps comments, bull.

St. Petersburg-based media company president and political consultant Peter Schorsch, a self-described moderate Republican, wrote an opinion piece recently calling on Gruters to resign from the FSU board or from the Trump campaign.“As a member of the Board of Trustees at FSU, Gruters just cannot endorse Trump’s closed-mindedness,” Schorsch wrote. “There are hundreds of Muslim students at FSU whom he would be insulting if he supports Trump’s proposal.” Gruters is not backing down.

This far left bottom feeder reporter Zac Anderson even snidely attacks Joe Gruters profession as a CPA implying that the biggest criticism came from those concerned about accounting irregularities at the party, which paid a $20,000 fine to the Florida Ethics Commission this year to resolve a complaint. Some party insiders accused Gruters — a certified public accountant — of mismanaging the books, but the Ethics Commission pointed the finger at his treasurer. Reporter Zac Anderson has taken the side of ‘anybody’ who opposes Donald Trump, his past articles include, Protesters planning “Dump Trump” demonstration outside candidate’s Sarasota rally, Sarasota gets full Trump experience a free-wheeling discourse in which the billionaire business mogul slammed the media, TOO BAD.

Nothing Trump has said so far has Gruters expressing second thoughts. Asked repeatedly if he supports Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims, he said, “The number one priority for our president is to keep America safe. I know Trump will keep us safe.” Joe Gruters will do a great job for the Trump presidential campaign and Trump will keep us safe from the terrorists once he gets in, say it like it is, silent majority no more. Left wing liberal CNN poll released Wednesday showing Trump now lapping the field has the GOP establishment in full meltdown mode. The survey shows Trump with nearly 40% of the primary vote, trailed by Ted Cruz at 18%, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio tied at 10%.

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