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Sunday, August 21, 2016

‘Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire’ Fl District House Seat 73 Candidate Steve Vernon Claims No Knowledge of Sovereign Citizens Movement Yet Helped Host Citizens Grand Jury Advocate Jason W. Hoyt last September 29th, 2015 at Mixon Farms 2525 27th St Bradenton Fl. Wacky “We the People Grand Juries” advocate Rodger Dowdell is one of the largest donors to Steve Vernon’s campaign, Dowdell chipped in $1,000,00 the maximum allowed by law. See Jason W. Hoyt video as go into great detail about his wacky ‘We the People Citizens Grand Jury’ at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNPZn3AAHj4

Jason Hoyt is the spokesperson for Grassroots For Victory USA Inc..One of America’s largest and most respected grassroots activist organizations, Heritage Action For America (HAFA), is now officially part of the Grassroots For Victory USA (G4VUSA) “Let’s Put ‘US’ Back In USA” 2015-2016 National Tour Team. Tour’s national spokesman, Jason Hoyt. In his book, Jason explores the concept of ‘accountability in government’ and determines we’ve been trained to think the only way we can hold the government accountable is by waiting for the next election.

VIDEO: Published on Nov 21, 2015 Author Jason W. Hoyt presentation on his book about using Common Law Grand Juries run by citizen activists, not prosecutors, to investigate elected officials and local corruption. His book is “Consent of the Governed”. Presented at the Nov. 19, 2015 North Lake Tea Party (FL). Jason W. Hoyt uncovers the most powerful word in the Constitution, demonstrates how it was hijacked but shows how ‘We The People’ can act as a sword and shield, protecting against wrongful accusations and reaching inside the government to root out corruption.

jason w. hoyt citizen grand jury

What if I told you there was a way to ensure that every elected official, government agency and even the unelected nameless faceless bureaucrats working for the Statutory and Regulatory Industrial Complex feared YOU? What if I told you that instead of burning up their phone lines, email inboxes and fax machines with empty threats of  “if you vote for that, we might not vote for you in two years!” (Citizen Grand Juries) Are there real and substantial consequences in government anymore? They would actually tremble when you called because they knew their power, positions and assets would be on the line? What if I told you their behavior outside the limits placed on them by the Constitution could actually mean time in prison?  – See more at: http://www.jasonwhoyt.com/shop#sthash.Yh8YuQnW.dpuf

Well, well well, it must really be a full moon as Sarasota Herald Tribune reporter Zac Anderson followed up on my investigation of District 73 candidate Steve Vernon’s campaign contributions from dubious sources. Last Friday August 12th, 2016 I posted, “Steve Vernon Running For Fl State Dist. 73 Has Few Campaign Contributions One Large Donor of $1,000.00 is Rodger Dowdell of National Liberty Alliance Which Touts Wacky ‘We The People Citizens Grand Jury’.”

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE: Campaign contributions are essential for most candidates, but they also can come with baggage. State House candidate Joe Gruters learned that when his opponent, Steve Vernon, went after him as an establishment shill beholden to his well-heeled donors. Now Gruters and his allies (PI Bill Warner) are raising questions about whether Vernon shares the fringe views of a major donor, a man who has been pushing a concept associated with extremist groups. Manatee County resident Rodger Dowdell gave Vernon $1,000, the maximum allowed by law. Last year, Dowdell brought a proposal to the Sarasota County Charter Review Board that has roiled the normally low-key elected body. Dowdell wanted the board to support putting a referendum to voters that would create a “people’s common law grand jury.” Such a system would allow average citizens to indict government officials on corruption without going through a judge or law enforcement agencies.

The people’s grand jury idea has been linked to the sovereign citizen movement, which does not recognize government authority in many areas. Sovereign citizens have attracted attention for everything from refusing to pay taxes and use driver’s licenses to so-called “paper terrorism” — filing frivolous lawsuits against government officials— and even, in extreme cases, violent acts against government workers and institutions. The FBI considers extremists within the sovereign citizen movement to be domestic terrorists. Dowdell is a state coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance. The group has disavowed the sovereign citizen movement but the Anti-Defamation League considers the alliance a major promoter of sovereign citizen ideology. Dowdell’s proposal for a people’s grand jury gained enough traction on the Charter Review Board that some prominent officials suggested the board become an appointed, rather than elected, body. They argued board members were abusing their authority. County officials say the people’s grand jury violates the state Constitution. Vernon — a former Tea Party Manatee president — praised Dowdell, whom he met through other tea party groups.

Rodger Dowdell, of Bradenton Fl, is the Florida state coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance which touts the ‘We The People Citizens Grand Jury. Sovereign Citizen Guru John Darash aka John Vidurek and National Lib­erty Alliance Sets Up Vigilante Peoples Grand Juries In USA With Assist From Posse Comitatus. The sovereign citizen movement arose from the ashes of the Posse Comitatus, a 1970s extremist group that believed the County (and the Sheriff) was the highest seat of government because all other levels of government had engaged in a conspiracy to destroy and override the Constitution. Sovereign citizens believe that the United States government is illegitimate and operating outside of its jurisdiction. Sarasota Citizens Grand Jury proposed by Rodger Dowdell, a Tea Party activist who denies being a sovereign citizen but, nonetheless, spouts sovereign citizen rhetoric says “Grand jury powers come from God.”

Steve Vernon Running For Fl State District 73 Has Very Few Campaign Contributions in the last year, only $11,964 from 7/27/2015 to 8/05/2016, Vernon has put in $90,000 of his own money. One of Steve Vernon’s Largest Donors is Rodger Dowdell of the National Liberty Alliance Which Touts the Wacky ‘We The People Citizens Grand Jury’, Roger Dowdell put in $1,000 on 3/15/2016. Sarasota Citizens Grand Jury proposed by Rodger Dowdell who is the State coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance and a Tea Party activist denies being a sovereign citizen but, nonetheless, spouts sovereign citizen rhetoric says “Grand jury powers come from God.” I am very well aware of Rodger Dowdell and his crew, I do not know if Steve Vernon is aware of who and what Rodger Dowdell represents, but he should be.


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