UPDATED: PI Bill Warner and South Gate Ridge Crime Watch 2100 Constitution Blvd Suite 125 Sarasota Fl.


South Gate Ridge Crime Watch registered with the State of Florida June 15th, 2013 at 2100 Constitution Blvd Suite 125 Sarasota Fl.  


The ‘South Gate Ridge’ Crime Watch will be made up of three licensed private investigators who have had years of experience in dealing with the public, doing surveillance and background checks and training with firearms, although none of us carry a firearm on a regular basis even though we all have concealed weapon permits and 2 of us have Florida Statewide Firearms ‘G’ licenses.


Bill Warner Investigations, we observe, photograph, report and call 911 when needed.  OVER 6 MILLION VIEWS OF OUR WEBSITES DEDICATED TO SAFEGUARDING YOUR COMMUNITY, PI BILL WARNER IS SEEN ON CNN/HLN, FOX NEWS, AMW & INSIDE EDITION AND NEWS PUBLICATIONS NATIONWIDE, FLORIDA DETECTIVE AGENCY LICENSE A-9500364 SINCE 1995. Bill Warner PI is Licensed in Florida and Approved to Investigate Cases in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Virginia.


Bill Warner Investigations website at www.wbipi.com. PI Bill Warner has passed County, State and National background checks done by the Florida Division of Licensing  that included fingerprints taken at the Sarasota County Sheriff Dept and sent to the FBI for a private investigators license, my private detective agency license, a concealed weapons license, a statewide firearms license (open carry) and a security officers license which are all active and current and have been for years. PI Bill Warner Private Detective Agency 2100 Constitution Blvd Suite 125 Sarasota Fl, ph 941-924-7914 has offered full-service investigations since 1995. Florida License A-9500364.


 It’s not James Bond, but  Bill Warner Investigations is a professional full-service investigative agency whose purpose is to cater to needs of insurance companies, corporate clients, government agencies and attorneys.    The management staff, from inception, developed standards surpassing the norms in the investigator’s profession. Bill Warner Investigations investigators have extensive experience, with formal backgrounds in civil and criminal investigations. The investigative staff is comprised of former law enforcement veterans, military intelligence, information and technical specialists, combined with a highly motivated adminstration team. The entire team has consistently maintained levels of quality, reliability and professionalism that competitors can not match. Bill Warner Investigations provides superior services by its administrative and investigative staff, which has resulted in Bill Warner Investigations growth.      


Today Bill Warner Investigations continues its growth with plans of expansion in the southeastern United States. W.B.I. Inc’s goal is to maintain its high level of efficiency, with a management team and dedicated investigative staff that continually deliver innovative planning, quality and professionalism at a competitive price while delivering a superior product.    

bill cheater (2)

Domestic cases: Bill Warner Investigations offers a confidential sensitive approach to all domestic cases. Whether it is an unfaithful spouse or child issue, its investigators consistently provide valuable information to clients. Our culture is constantly changing; street thugs and gang violence often touch our youngsters’ lives. Parents frequently find it difficult to assess potential dangers in their children’s free-time activities. Bill Warner Investigations offers investigations, surveillance and research that can assist parents in knowledgeable decisions about their children’s activities.  



Investigative research When you deal with Bill Warner Investigations a vast amount of information is just a phone call away. Its experienced intelligence and information researches have extensive knowledge of domestic and international databases, that will access to a network of information sources at very reasonable prices. Whether it is a simple license plate number or complex multifaceted investigation, such as investigating a former or potential business associate; securing a real market value and potential of business acquisition; or a pre-employment background check, Bill Warner Investigations will provide clients with necessary information to make an intelligent decision.


Background investigations Hiring the most qualified and honest applicants is the first step in preventing a violation of your company’s financial integrity and image. Bill Warner Investigations will provide your company with the most comprehensive background updates available. Services provided by Bill Warner Investigationsm include surveillance, video and still photography; covert video cameras; hidden camera installations; legal and litigation support; location of witnesses; statements/interviews of witnesses; public record searches; search and location of assets and expert court testimony.

bill 1 Bill Warner 941-924-7914


6 thoughts on “UPDATED: PI Bill Warner and South Gate Ridge Crime Watch 2100 Constitution Blvd Suite 125 Sarasota Fl.”

  1. Greetings,
    My name is Ruben Perez and I’m also a Private Investigator over at Ocala Florida I have my ccw, G license, D license, C License, Ceritified in Executive Protection and I also have my M license.Being form New York and worked in N.Y.PD. and I’m bilingual I was very impressed with you’re site and what you bring to the table if you ever are looking for somebody or need somebody to do cases for you in Central Florida please reach out to me (866) 444-1717 it would be an honor to work with you and if you get out of state cases also lime New York,Georgia etc I will be willing to take them as well.Thank you for you’re time

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